Play chess with your kids easily…

Teaching your kid how to play chess will be a lifetime skill wherever they may be. Chess has been said to be the most popular game in the world. In today’s digital world, chess is still at the top. This game is a challenging, yet fun strategy game that can be found in the New York city streets all the way to Moscow and around the globe.

Teaching your kid how to place chess can be a difficult task if not done with the right approach. There can be many ways how you can teach your kid chess, this is a guide of what worked for me teaching my kids. My approach is simple and to the point, being a success for teaching my three boys (ages 8 and under) how to play chess and loving it at the same time.

When teaching your kid how to play chess, the most important choice your kid will make is to choose Black or White 😊. This may sound funny, but to my kid, it’s always important. Choosing your color also has a small strategic value, as the rule of the game states the player using the white pieces will go first. A common phrase my Dad taught me and is commonly used to help remember is “smoke before fire” with White being represented by the term “smoke”.

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